Tasmania: Cradle Mountain

I was the happiest kid even though the weather wasn’t at all fit for hiking with unpredictable flurries of snow, hail, rain, and wind. Half of us turned back halfway through the hike because it started raining, but little did we know we were on the wrong track anyway. What we thought was the Dove Lake circuit was actually Marion’s Lookout and we got caught in a sharp skin piercing, sight blinding hailstorm while making the trip back. (I still loved every second of it though.) All my favourite hikes have been mountains, mountains, mountains. Flecks of white fluffy snow showing up on my screen make me happy.

5 minutes before the hailstorm

Hailstorm starting

During the hailstorm – Sharpest toughest pinpricks of hail
“We were up there” – according to Tim’s cartography reading



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