Tasmania: We Count Dead Fish

Most of the day was spent wandering the roofless buildings on the grounds of Port Arthur – we packed food for a picnic and kept an eye on the 25-minute cruise from the guard tower. Set off around late afternoon for (probably the steepest hike on the trip) a 2 hour to and fro bush walk at Cape Raoul. Dinner was the earliest – we went to the Port Arthur Motor Inn for bar food, got told to go to the restaurant next door instead, decided we did not want to spend $35 on a burger and headed back to the bar for $15 fish and chips / steak sandwich / chicken schnitzel. We drove along the roads for a bit until we decided to stop by the beach because there was a tyre tied to a tree! We swung, counted dead fish that washed ashore (4), avoided potentially aggressive geese, and skipped pebbles. After all of that we took the Ghost Tour at 9.45pm, and there were no pictures taken because I did not want anything unnecessarily worrying showing up on LCDs.



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