Tasmania: The Botanicals and a Really Dark Mountaintop

Still sleep deprived running on no sleep (we had a 6.30am flight, which meant waking at 4am), we headed onto the Royal Botanical Gardens. We had packed lunch from Coles, so we sat on a platform all while we took turns battling off the seagulls and ducks with umbrella scares. I found Kelsey who wandered off into a shaded hut surrounded with vines and flowers, and asked to take an instax photo of her in the blaring sun outside. I think everyone was really keen to get back to the hostel for a nap, and before long we were in our bunks, some of us sat on chairs or on the floor fiddling with phones but everyone fell soundly asleep. We kind of missed dinner because everything in Hobart closes early so we drove to the docks and ordered fish and chips because there was only fish and chips at the docks. We ate our dinner in the car while the car fogged up from the heat of the fresh batter fried fish, watched the sun set as Michael and Tim went off in search of the Asian Kebab store. I don’t know if it was a good idea to head up to Mount Wellington after the sun had set and it was clearly dark, cold, and windy. We made the drive up anyway, only to find that we couldn’t open our car doors to get out. I thought Kelsey was playing a prank on us by locking the doors but it was actually the force of the wind. I could barely stay vertical once I got out of the car, but we frolicked and it was a blast.



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