Tasmania: “The exhibition where they crashed the car?”

All I know about it is that infamous exhibition where they purposefully crashed a car in between two walls when the Museum of Old and New Art opened to the public in 2011. I did not expect the myriad of uncomfortably dark artworks. With the whole museum being underground, we bought our concession tickets of $15 each and descended down, down, down, down… until we were greeted by a staff member at the entrance. He handed us a device called an ‘O’, with a pair of headphones. It was a seemingly innocent iPhone 5 which was locked to the usage of an app. He explained that the museum has no text or words on the wall, the O device will tell us which artworks are in our nearby vicinity and should we choose to, audio will play through the headphones, and art summary info shows up in a tab. I thought the whole design and efficient use of devices was very clever, and the five of us soon wandered off at our own pace, jumping from one exhibition to the next. This is where photos can’t tell stories, I snapped a couple of fascinating exhibitions (we dubbed one of it ‘the defecating machine’, it does exactly what you think it does), but if you’re ever in Hobart you cannot miss MONA.



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