Ashleen’s 21st

Held at the second floor of one Bangsar’s congested streets, Punchcard was a surprisingly nice venue for friends (and family)! Great selection of blaring music, pool table, indoor and outdoor seating, free flow of any kind of alcoholic drink at the bar (but I only got myself cider after getting in enough photos). It would definitely have made a really nice place for a group of close friends and more to get together. Save for the birthday girl, no one I knew was present, see: last minute bails and unsuitably located geographically.

Ashleen’s family were the loveliest when I arrived a bit too early for pre-party pics – her mum made sure I had enough food, her dad made jokes about my zebra outfit matching the couch, and her sister made sure I had someone to talk to during the hours. She also made a slide show showing the last 21 years of Ash’s life- video messages from family and friends not on the same soil!

Everyone was dolled up so pretty last night. It also gave me an opportunity to test my new lens, here are a few personal fav picks – enjoy!

She wanted to grab a pic with her not-present boyfriend from the slideshow video message haha.



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