Krabi: 150 days at sea

We went to Railay for kayaking again just because, but we turned right instead of left. Took us about 10 snapchat stories, sizzling sunburnt skin, drown scares, and 150 days to get through to our island 2 for our 52 week project. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this on the blog before – I’m doing another yearlapse project like after 365 days and 365 seconds, but sharing it with Aileen. We post weeklys on a shared public album on Facebook. This week was Aileen’s, or swapped to be mine, but after half hesitations and back again, Aileen’s! I got a couple of shots of her in, she got some of me as well. She does weekly outtakes in summary posts too.

We parked our kayak by the shore Robinson Crusoe-esque, hoping the tides wouldn’t wash our belongings or kayak away and Aileen brought her blue tulle with. We shot until we forgot the time and nearly missed our flight! It was a snap snap oh my god time > kayak like heroes back to Railay > get on longtail boat back to Ao Nang > hopped on pig truck back to Krabi town > cabbed to airport and we were safe. It also meant we took the flight back to KL with remnants of Railay sand, salt, and seawater in our hair and on our skins.



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