Krabi: Sunburnt kayaking

Arriving at Krabi we realised that Google Maps gave us the wrong info about our hotel. We thought it was at Railay Beach (I kid you not, search up White Pearl and you’ll see it at Railay Beach), but it was at Krabi town, a 20 minute drive out. Landing at 9a with no absolute plan got us into a bit of a panic mode, we talked to the receptionist who was super helpful and adorable despite the language barrier. She tried explaining which pier we had to get to for Railay, and offered us a ride on her bike. There we were, three girls on a bike riding towards the pier, Aileen and I excited as, our unexpected transport. She dropped us and rode off, only for us to realise we were at the wrong pier. Through some negotiating, avoiding shady taxi drivers that kept pestering us for details of where we were living and what were our names, we got on a private car to Ao Nang beach. Aileen and I were Ash and Dash from Taiwan, we worked, we were friends, and we were in Krabi for a holiday.

We rented a kayak at Railay for 3 hours (technically 2), and rowed from the edge of the beach, through caves, through stone formations, to the middle of the ocean, got intimidated by shark stories, explored nooks and crannies of little islands, jumped from the kayaks in the middle of the cave to have a swim while the other photo’d away, it was actually my favourite. Both of us were sunburnt by the end of the day, and one of us was excited she had a sunburn.

The sun was setting as we climbed into the longtail boats like pros and sped back to Ao Nang, and took a pig truck back to Krabi town. The Krabi town night market was eerily reminiscent of Malaysia’s pasar malam, in fact the whole Krabi was quite Malaysian, I guess closer geological differences? We took our pick of street food, and walked back to our hotel in which the journey home was dark and full of terrors.



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