Bangkok: Water Taxis

We were supposed to take the cab to a retail sports mall but after asking our friendly receptionist for direction confirmation, she told us we could take the water taxi just right behind the hotel. She led us to the stop and explained we could take this upcoming taxi which was zooming right at us ‘this one this one’ she said and Aileen and I panicked while the water taxi zoomed past, waves hitting the platform vigorously as the passengers stared at us slow witted tourists. The receptionist gave us a hesitant ‘you can wait for the next one’ look and left us be. Armed with an orange printed map, counting the number of stops, no GPS, no SIM card, no contact with anyone whatsoever, we climbed onto the next water taxi while it was still moving and rode our way through murky industrialised river waters (and some stops the sewers, probably) till we reached our destination, walked through an alley where we met some St Bernard mixes before the mama dog showed up. It was hanging with the newlyweds + Tonnam + a bridesmaid day, where we had boat noodles, washed and blow dried our hair silky straight for 50TBH, and Platinum walk through. Aileen collected her Messi commissioned shirt and made me wish I had one made of Leo as well.



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