Bangkok: One Thai wedding, two cocktails, and three views of the city

Bangkok is unexpectedly surprisingly prettier than I thought it would be. We stayed at a hotel 10 minutes walk away from Paragon Mall. We put on our no-black wedding attire, hopped on a cab (cab fares are cheap, considering even the jam and distance) to witness the Thai wedding ceremony. There were monks, monks chanting, watching monks eat, the giving of bridal dowry, the exchange of rings, the cheeky little boy running around screaming and playing with other cheeky boy and girl, the blessing of the married couple – which I botched up because I didn’t know we were supposed to pour A LOT of water and I poured only a drop hahaha.

We visited Baiyoke Tower which was a wholesale retail clothing place and bought massive amounts of clothes like we were wholesale agents ourselves. The view wasn’t too amazing, but we sat down and rested our sore feet before getting on round 2 walking through the night market scouring for cheap clothes and street food. The city is beautiful at dusk, you’d never think but just walking across the pedestrian bridge will make you stop and at least attempt a few photos.  Platinum Mall is like Malaysia’s Sungai Wang, but with better and nicer clothes, and less dodgy. An indie street festival was along the streets outside Platinum, where Aileen did her thing and bought many clothes, including a custom drawn kid’s size shirt of Messi, her Saint Bernard. The whole day was so much walking, and walking, AND WALKING, but so good though. We reached home at around 10p, rested, changed, and picked a rooftop bar to visit, which was The Moon Bar 61 floors above Banyan Hotel. The dresscode was strict, the view was stunning, the drinks were overpriced, the wind was mad blowing, we felt like two out of place girls trying to be cool – it was perfect. I have since decided I didn’t like Aileen’s choice of Pina Colada and much preferred my Sex On The Moon.


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