Bangkok: DEPARTURE terminals

During one of my summer days in Malaysia, Aileen received a call from her mum saying she had to attend her brother’s wedding in Bangkok. It was like a no questions asked, ‘you have to attend your brother’s wedding’ statement. Aileen casually asked if I’d like to come and a calm slow summer heat afternoon was turned into a hesitant but slowly excited searching up on the cheapest flight tickets to Bangkok, while entertaining the thought of flying domestic to Krabi. After a week of research, planning, booking, and permissions, I realised I was going to board my first international flight to a non-native-English speaking country to shoot a Thai wedding with one of my best friends.

We landed on a late January night at the arrival terminal when we were supposed to meet Vincent (brother!), Lek (bride!) and their Tonnam (their little boy, the cheekiest little devil ever) at the departure terminal. Bangkok traffic is the worst.



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