Sydney: outer city walks

Towards the end of a trip I find this always happens, I take less photos, I talk less often in posts, it’s like a steady factor decline. I’ll give it a go and try to do a dot point summary and occasional narration.

All I remember about Sydney fish market is the bumping into travel buddy’s housemates and lots of fish and sea creatures alive and dead. You get to see live fish and have them cook it for you however you want. We had lunch there: soft shelled crab, scallop / salmon sushi, and grilled barramundi was, for the first time, nicer than grilled salmon, and that’s saying something because how can barramundi > salmon!

Paid Adriano Zumbo at Star Casino visit but didn’t get any sweetlings.

We were here for the Messina.

Got a kick out of seeing the friendship boat sailing.

Sipped on our Boosts in the sun along Pitt St and watched a guitar duo busking, which we later found out was Winterbourne.

More weddings @ Hyde Park.

More weddings @ the fountain at Hyde Park.

St Mary’s Cathedral. Not a devout but I love the sheer magnificence and size of churches and cathedrals.

Headed to Manly beach on a 35-min ferry ride while it was almost storming, walked from the wharf to our accommodation and I was almost a sulky cat.

4 Pines beer. I like how pubs don’t do bookings and you can just crash whatever. Also paying at the counter is nice and there’s no one officially serving you so that’s less pressure and more room to breathe.
Manly beach walk the next day was slightly dilemmatic with the luggage and locker problem, also where to start the walk from. The plan was the whole 10k from Spit Bridge to Manly but that fell through because of time constraints and uninteresting sights so we started from Balgowlah. Ultimately we both found the sights from Coogee-Bondi much more pleasant, but at least we got to swim in algae-floored pools and greet dogs taking walks. By the end of it all we wanted was the beach, sand, and pummelling waves. There was a coastal strong currents warning that day so we had to swim at a safe distance and specific area between flags. The waves though. The waves. I love the waves.

While he read I built him a mermaid tail that looked more like a loaf of bread.

Dot points by the end of it:

  • Sydney or Melbourne? Sydney is more metropolitan prettier but also more costly. I do enough ciders to know a pot costs at least $2 more than the usual in Melbourne. I want to say Sydney has better brunches but it’s probably the variety? Unsure. Gelato / ice cream was a let down. People also seem more curt in Sydney, or maybe it’s just me. Sydney beaches > Melbourne beaches definitely, the strong waves are insane. Can you imagine taking a road trip down to Bondi or Coogee just to ‘play with water’, or taking the ferry across to Taronga Zoo and having a whole day of shows and animals performing, or walking by the Botanic Gardens or any of the viewpoints at night to have a casual look at the Sydney skyline? Boom.
  • Didn’t get to do ACP (Australian Centre for Photography), Centennial Park, Sydney Uni, The Rook, Three Blue Ducks. Pleased at the little unplanned surprises we managed to walk into, like Hyde Park.
  • Travelling duo with someone is sometimes always never a good game plan, it will either make or break ships. Truthfully for Sydney it didn’t make or break anything, we were cool like cats in companies because it’s a bit just like hanging out everyday except with sleepovers in bunk beds. Also, grateful for the times Kenneth took charge of the camera because it was a bit like breathing fresh air for a while. That being said, I don’t know how people with such contrasting personalities are friends if not the very least taxing on one side.
  • Rain! 2 out of the 5 days was pouring or heavy drizzling or gloomy.
  • Four is a good number, for costs, privacy, and company.


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