Sydney: cliffs on rocks on waves

One of the more exciting days because it was beach day with sun and blue waters and waves and sand and rocks and cliffs. We headed for The Rocks market by Circular Quay in the morning. It was like a classier version of a Queen Vic morning and night market, but with way more expensive price tags.

‘roo ball sacs

Misjudged beetroot and pesto risotto and lamb burger at Twenty 8 Acres, but the chef and waitstaff were so friendly!

Since we wanted to do the whole stretch of Coogee-to-Bondi walk instead of just chilling at Bondi, we took a 35-minutes bus ride from Central to Coogee. It was packed and congested, we made our way to the waves just to get a feel of the water, trying hard not to kick any sand into the surrounding sunbathers’ eyes.

Not 5 minutes after we started our walk we came across a rockpool that looked too exciting to pass up. Immediately slapped on sunscreen and waded carefully into the rough waters. I got pushed around so much against the rocks I noticed a few cuts and bruises later. Some people stood off rock edges and dived head in which looked cool because when I dive or at least when I think I dive I do it feet first.

Not 10 minutes later we came upon one of the many cliffs beyond the barrier. Travel buddy got exasperated with my coos and oohs and aahs and constant photo taking so he did some level exploring.

Came across quite a lot of wedding photographing happening along Coogee-Bondi.
This was when we properly properly started our walk. Camera was shoved into bag because we had to climb and maneuver ourselves over, under, and around the big rocks without unnecessary weight. The scaling and swinging from rock to rock was a lot of fun, friendly people sunbathing on the rocks like seals gave us pointers on how to get over to a particularly difficult side, we even came across a few unmentionable surprises on the way.
Going barefoot for better grip. Meet Uncle Ng selling fanny pack slippers // because we had no extra plastic bag.

More weddings

We reached Bondi when the sun was setting. Golden hour lit up the mist spray from the waves and it was magical, but I couldn’t photo because I was in the water. Kids were bobbing through the waves like pros while us idiots kept crashing when the waves hit us and ate sand and saltwater. I couldn’t stop laughing at the look on Kenneth’s face just before and right after the waves crash into him and took him down hard, but pretty sure I had a similar if not worse expression on mine! We got the hang of it after about an hour of observing surfers and other people cutting through the waves, it was like an addictive reasoning to go ‘okay, there’s a big one coming I’m going to stand my ground and jump with it’ and the main goal is just to get as far out into the ocean as you can where the waves get stronger. We were properly exfoliated at Bondi after crashing into the sand floor so many times.



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