Sydney: 2 da ZEW

Tickets to Taronga Zoo (ZEW) were unplanned but Kenneth sold it so hard we forsake Centennial Park, Sydney Uni, and minor places in Newtown for it. Living the Sydney tourist life is luxurious as with brunches everyday and bars / pubs / beer gardens by night. I passed the camera to Kenneth for most part of the day but he only knows how to point it at people’s faces and peacocks.

Brewtown Newtown, loved the interior and atmosphere a lot. Food was decent (squid ink linguine and waffles) but hands down Devon won the best.
Me celebrating with an ice cream that doesn’t belong to me after my travel buddy’s 45 minute perusal for Christmas gifts at a quaint art prints and poster store in Newtown.

The lack of a camera was like not having to put on the safety belt in the passenger seat – I can move around freely but worry a bit about what the driver might do to the car. I was breezing away sun in face wind in hair on the ferry ride to Taronga Zoo. Sun! The sun came out today and as we were walking along Circular Quay it was a yes this is what Sydney is supposed to be like.

“okay okay look I think I got some really good shots in of the bridge, like if you stitch these three pictures into a panorama together it’s going to look really good. no? no? look!”

In the midst of the wild peacock chase at the entrance of the zoo, a lady dropped her water bottle, a man standing outside the toilet stopped us and told us ‘you dropped your bottle’ in a heavy unmistakeable Russian accent.

Apparently pat-a-pet was for children only. 

Dinosaur models that move around and make growling noises.

Bird shows with a view, my favourite was the vulture.

Show-off seal that kept swimming past us doing graceful multiple flips and backswims and turns.


Ordinary and boring but this picture took some funny effort to get


Waiting for the train at Central to Newtown.

Bank Hotel on a Friday night was buzzing with life and fun. We made our way to the beer garden, though smoky it wasn’t as loud as Glenmore, much more laidback, less people in suits and after work parties. We sat at and shared a high table with a lovely lady and a man, probably colleagues, but they were so nice! Friday night’s special was 2 for the price of 1 share platter so we ordered 4. I can’t remember what else we ordered but the lamb ribs was pretty good so we got two of those, along with king crab spaghetti, a few ciders, beers, and cocktail punch.

True to our little bet, I fulfilled my 3 shots, see: red face. 

Really liked the whole design and lights of The Bank, interior appeals a lot to me. 
Too full to get Gelato Blue so we decided to take a(n accidentally) long walk through dodgy streets and lanes, but made it out safe! Go us.



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