Sydney: city sights

Sydney was planned out to be a 5-day intense exploring the city (and miscellaneous suburbs) walking marathon. We stayed in a hostel in the heart of Sydney Central with bunk beds in cool refurbished train carriages, an underground walk away from the station and after dumping our bags in the lockers, we set out on foot to explore the city.

George Street, and the Apple center which was this massive huge sleek shiny glass building three levels of retail, workshops, and one to one teaching.

The Queen Victoria Building and christmas and people that are excited about christmas. Almost got persuaded into sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture.

Devon cafe, which Mel swore the salmon was the best brunch she ever had. I had to try it.

couldn’t pass up their French toast but Kenneth got the Sakuma and yes it (both dishes!) was as good as Mel said.

smartass and birdcages lining Angel Lane

Cue walk to Circular Quay, to harassing seagulls and watching seagulls harass people with food.

walking across the stretch of Harbour Bridge

a rainy and gloomy Sydney on our first day reminded me too much of Melbourne.

Jeffrey Street Wharf, one of the better view points of the city skyline

beneath the bridge. after our thigh and calf muscles were screaming we sat and calculated the total hypothetical cost of public transport and decided to cave and go with the MyMulti 3 weekly pass.

walked through the whole stretch of royal botanic gardens for a view of the skyline at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, we climbed on rocks for a vantage point where a Japanese man offered to take a photo for us.

deciding to walk back to Central sounded like a tiring idea but the lights and mist and music along Pitt Street made up for everything.



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