StockdAliens with a UFO*

Ticking Mornington, disappointing chairs on the top of summits (Arthur’s Seat), (annoyingly complicated hedge) Ashcombe Maze off the list. Lavenders, roses, daisy braiding, picnics by the beach with a touch of sparkling juice before seagulls swooped down on us we had to beat a retreat, beached rocks, climbing rocks, waves that weren’t tall enough but watchable from a distance, waters so clear and glittery from the late afternoon sun. We were like seals sunning on the rocks at Sorrento beach. Discovering a second version of Brighton that was Blairegowrie. Forgoing dinner to arrive at the perfect time for the sunset at the right track at Mount Dandenong with cider (remember to bring a can opener kids), ukulele, and Red Rock chips till the orange glow faded and the city lighted up. Dinnering at a funky kebab place that ran out of lamb only for its name, then heading back home to upgrade instruments (uke > guitar) and clothing (normal > onesies) before driving out for the stars at same ol’ Pyramid Rock at Phillip Island. A day with a car overseas is a day well spent indeed.


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