Of orange, fusion jazz, vans, and wrong sides.


Last November (2013) I jokingly asked if Jocelyn wanted to see Ellie Goulding with me in May. She said yes and we made plans and booked flight tickets for her to fly over to Melbourne in May. In one night/morning, we covered Mount Dandenong, went through a gate that required $5 for a mainstream view of the pretentiously blood orange sun, headed down to Kyeema Tracks and sat on the rocky slope till the sun set and city lighted up. Met up with Nik outside a really dodgy looking alley to get into the gig place. Four of us bobbed heads and tried to appreciate the fusion jazz while Nik and Joce were the only ones out of us who had any idea what was going on. An acquired taste! At 1a we left to Pyramid Rock in Phillip Island only to get deterred by a van with the backlights turned on, all the while feeling insecure because we didn’t have a weapon. Hung around a lame beach in the total darkness for a bit before leaving for St Kilda beach to watch the sun rise at the wrong side. All nighters are always a feel great / feel terrible toll, my body always gets confused.



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