Taiwan 5/7

30th January 14

We left the tour group in the morning and wandered around in the afternoon by ourselves. I brought the family to the national museum via walking but it was closed because surprise surprise it was Chinese new year eve. Papa brought us to Taipei 101 then where we didn’t actually go up to the tower but spent some time outside angling for shots to fit the whole tower in, then traipsed off to the hot springs at Beitou, which was closed after 6pm. (You start to notice a pattern here).

We wandered around the streets of Beitou for food, but other than fast food restaurants, every single food shop was closed. When we should have been having a nice warm family traditional reunion dinner, instead we had cup noodles and rice balls at the nearest 7-eleven for dinner. Worst and saddest way to celebrate the new year eve tbh



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