In the time that I’ve came back to Melbourne I’ve been slacking, I admit it, because snapping with a phone and after a whole year of taking pictures daily, I stopped updating my trip to Taiwan pictures in the middle of nowhere. In the time I came back to Melbourne till now, I have: been to The Nott aka the unilyf watering hole and came back with my nostrils filled with soot, volunteered for Color Run in the pink zone, volunteered as an unofficial photographer for MUMSU’s scavenger hunt, watched fireworks by the river I forgot the name of, gave a portraiture workshop / talk to a lecture theatre full of humans that had me quaking in my shoes, convinced Aileen to fly over from Msia one day before my 21st birthday, had my second (first official) exhibition with RAW at Melbourne Pavilion (on the day of my birthday), joined the MUMSU committee and took official photos for beach day, and volunteered for Electric Run. And celebrated my birthday in two countries on 3 different occasions.
Most of which were documented on my phone. I’ll try to get my photos up and going again, this is a hello-I’m-not-dead-I’m-still-here post.



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