Taiwan 4/7

29th January 14

Early morning maze garden walks and off to Sun Moon lake. I thought the main attraction we were going to be focusing on was the lake, not the temple opposite it. Still, we threw pennies into the wishing fountain and climbed up as high as we could go for a lake view. After a short visit to a highlands tea shop (and posing for photos, my pa was a natural in that farmer’s hat), we spent 4 hours at FengJia night market. I was so pumped for our first night market but I didn’t get as much as I wanted! A pair of shoes for NT190 I considered for an eternity only buying at the last 30 minutes, honestly I don’t know why I took so long. And that was pretty much it. Too stressed for shopping I didn’t get anything in the end, laughable. I suppose I was being too choosy and looking for summer clothes. Taiwan style of clothes wasn’t really what I was looking for, although they were really affordable. All of the shops sell basically the same things with slight variations.


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