Taiwan 3/7

28 January 14

We woke up to a cold foggy morning for breakfast and said hi to the white cat Darren made friends with last night. After walking around the garden, we headed towards to strawberry farm where we met Loopy the pug with the most soulful eyes ever (and also picked strawberries).

Cing Jing farm was filled with sheep and then some. Rolling hills of reddish-yellow grass with triangular pine trees framed the bottom of our view from the top. It was the prettiest place I had come across in Taiwan so far, but we only got to spend less than 2 hours there. We had to leave the sheep performance halfway to go for afternoon tea at The Old England (“since 2009” the welcoming words carved into stone said). It was a high class-ish place with sweet treats and tea and cakes and scones, both waiters and waitresses were wearing peplums, with a mix of Greek statues and English culture with a mix of Eastern-Western thing going on. I don’t know, the whole thing mixed together made me feel rather uncomfortable.

Third resort was another 5-star garden wonderland, I swear they have their own garden maze built. We had a small tour around the gardens with someone explaining the plants and flowers. Very luxurious, there was a toilet that I thought was a hobbit hole. At night we had another DIY sesh, we chose masks! I chose to leave mine white and peeked nosily at other people’s handiwork. Here’s a family portrait of us.



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