Taiwan 1/7

26th January 14

The sudden decision to take a 7 day holiday to Taiwan during Chinese New Year came in the form of cheap air tickets and the desire to travel with the family before I head back to Melbourne for next semester. We booked our last minute selves into an affordable 5-day tour, which was technically 3 days, allowing fetching from airport (one day) and sending to airport (one day).

Our first hotel was at the heart of 西門町 (Ximending), one of Taipei’s night market shopping districts. After 5 hours of travel, we checked in and dressed warm for a lot of walking and public transport taking. Guided by my pre-loaded Google Maps on the smartphone, we made our way to Ximen station and got our EasyCards there, pleased to know we could get a refund for the card when we had no use for it. I was in charge of taking us to Tianmu marketplace. After listening to Aileen praise and recommend the place so much, I decided it earned a spot on my top places-to-visit in Taiwan. I love secondhand items, I love hoarding, so I thought it was going to be my heaven too. Alas, I was disappointed. Although the prices were really really good, I couldn’t find anything I fancy. While my mum bought six pieces of clothing, I came back empty handed. I think secondhand shopping / thrifting really depends on luck.



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