Pitch black Broga hiking

To catch the sunrise and the city (surburb?) lights. Setting my alarm for 3.50am the night before and waking up to find the light downstairs still on because my brother was playing computer games and haven’t yet slept. Laine, Tjun Kit, and I met at Joce’s place at 4.30a and drove through a lot of tolls and roads but mostly tolls to Broga hill, which is near the Nottingham uni campus at Semenyih.

I love the outdoors but I am not an outdoors person. I love hiking but I am not a strong hiker. I love photos and I love taking photographs (well that’s a relief). U kno? I’m not the type who runs or exercises at least a little every week, I just sit there and flab. This was the first actual strenuous exercise I’ve done since I came back from Melbourne. I thought I could do Broga, but by the time we reached the first peak I felt like my kidneys (and various other parts of my body) were going to fall out of me. I couldn’t even muster energy to huff / laugh at lame jokes because all was spent on catching my breath. This is an essay on my unfitness haha. But when we reached the second peak (still pitch black), the view was worth it! I’d climb it again, the view always justifies the sore muscles. The suburb lights were almost comparable to Mt Dandenong. Almost. The cool dawn breeze was almost like Melbourne on a spring day, or Genting Highlands in the morning. Even at 5.30a there were already many other hikers at Broga hill, most of which I suspect are from Nott U. The hike down was easier compared to the hike up methinks, but then again I mostly sat on the steep parts and slid my way down.


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