city walks

Taken in late November, same day as the Melbourne Aquarium exploring with Nash. This is wandering around the city part. I’ve never edited a whole set of photos in total black and white before, this was surprisingly easy and fun to do and I don’t have to worry about all the ~~*colours*~~*~ and I realised the little button tool to drag colours / tones on the picture not on the curve and wow that is the best thing ever, I can’t believe I’ve only discovered it now.

Guided by a phone’s google maps with 4% battery we walked from Flinders Street Station to the aquarium, then headed out and up some bridges to along Crowne Hotel where there was fake grass and people were lounging about by the river, grabbed Subway for dinner while evil daring pigeons eyed our food beadily, passed a concert band performing jazzy Christmas songs which gave me nostalgic feels about being in high school band (I could stand there listening / watching to them longer), made our way to Eureka Skydeck 88 (which was the main destination of our walkaround) but didn’t go up because we didn’t feel like it and there was a queue, walked along for street art watching, saw a red Elmo busking and a blue Elmo across the bridge (??? wow I have to learn names of places) and sat on the highest step of the big red building thing while  golden hour casted long shadows on the passers-by.



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