seas and snaps

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Last November Aileen and I booked a trip to Morib (again, this is my third time there) and drove there after a hearty Onigiri breakfast. There isn’t much to do there, but it is a deserted pretty beach. I didn’t take any photos in the waterpark, but I went up on all of the scary high slides I didn’t go on the last two times that turned out to be not quite scary. Aileen leaned too far over the balcony and her sunnies fell right at the floor below. At night we planned to have Korean food but they were only serving drinks, we head to the buffet for a la carte but it’s only available after 10p, so we drove 12km into town for McD’s. At night we had rice wine that gave me alcohol rashes and read personality tests that had me going ‘depends’ on every question and there was a really nice thunderstorm.

We woke at 7.15a to an early buffet breakfast where I picked mostly western breakfast, Aileen picked mostly oriental, and 3 bowls of porridge HAAHA. We headed down to the beach for photos, managing to get good stuff before the really hot morning / afternoon sun came out.

This trip felt more like a photo retreat than anything, it was so wonderful just snapping and recording with another person who doesn’t mind spending hours at the same place doing the same thing. Compared to my last two trips to Morib where I stressed out about not utilising the place enough, this was enjoyable and relaxing! Also slightly crazy because we did a lot of jumping and skipping around the beach.

+ plugging my instagram here because I update it more frequently: @chardyice


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