Breathing in Mount Dandenong

Photos taken on 22nd November, I’m back to doing that late-update thing again. I’m sorely lagging behind on (posting) my 365s. But first, Mount Dandy.

It’s a 45 minute drive from Clayton and up the mountain, Gabriel, Swan and I took off to see the sunset and the city lights flicker on. I wasn’t disappointed, I felt like I was looking at a faraway set of Ellie’s BURN music video. I tried to take a time lapse but people forEVeR seem to be ruining them :COUGH: people. I was too distracted and bothered by a couple of things though, so I didn’t get to fully take in the view. I’m definitely going to come back next year, and if any of my friends from Malaysia are coming down (TWO I know of so far) I’d take them there, you know who you are! We will have to PTV our way about 2 hours there though so you’ll be stuck with me for a long time.

My first experience at Mount Dandenong was mixed parts awed, breathtaken, disbelief, scoff, freaked out, flattered, embarrassed, surreal dream-like, watching scenes as if I was floating and out of my body (???), slightly worried, fear, and just mainly a lot of disbelief. I’m not talking about the view here, but an encounter with a few friendly Strayans that (one of them) soon became too friendly. They were nice people, but yikes I was not prepared for that. All is good, now one month later I look back on that surreal memory I’m laughing at myself for being so bothered but then again the few friends I consulted said I should follow my gut feeling and another said it was normal, etc.

Hullo Matt and Jack, if you’re seeing this, nice to have met you, and a few things:

  • thanks for the first offer, but neh
  • such a cheesy typical line to pick one up, Matt
  • cool Spongebob tin, Jack, sorry I’ve only heard of Red Hot Chilli Peppers but don’t particularly pay attention to them
  • why yes it’s quite instagrammable
  • Tasmania is at the south, you doinks, we’re facing the west where the sun sets
  • ‘little lady’
  • wow Matt you should really know how to quit calling when a girl says ‘no’ three times

I’m trying to write down as much as I can possibly described without being too detailed psshhh. Shhhhhh.



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