bloop Melbourne sealife

Another planned-but-not-planned day out at the city. Nash and I made our way to the Melbourne Aquarium which enjoyed, but decided the tickets weren’t worth it. Disappointed to see the amount of jellyfish (that I could count on one hand) on display.

I overheard a little boy and his father talking while viewing one of the fish tanks on display, the little boy urged his dad to “take a picture, or a video, or something!” but the dad brushed it off with a “what for?” I heard and saw these two again at different sections of the exhibition and recognised them by the same conversation, and I thought that was really sad.

We handled starfish in the rock pool, saw faces on jellyfish, laughed at bad joke eel, watched marine life swim in front of us like at a theater, pointed at sea pancakes’s faces (or undersides), helped a friendly mister take his photo inside a bubble with the humongous croc, saw real-life HP chocolate frogs, laughed at a wild jelly on display at the invertebrates section, and best for last were the waddling waddle waddle penguins that did a funny bow.


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