Queen Victoria night market

Last Wednesday, Swan, Sim, and I made our way to the city to meet up with Andrew at the QV night market which runs every Wednesday summer night. I expected it to be similar to Malaysia’s usual jammed pasar malam, and it was, just that it had more locals than I expected, and pretty good live music that made people pull each other out to dance to the jaunty tunes. We shared a white Sangria amongst ourselves, the lady who sold me the Sangria has to ask me “are you 18?” before staring a moment and decided I was indeed of legal drinking age. Andrew later treated us to another red Sangria which looked cooler but had a slightly more bitter taste. We realised there wasn’t much else to do there so we made our way to Bourke Street for nitrogen gelato, where we ordered mango and strawberry daiquiri and salted caramel popcorn and found a bench nearby to sit at and talk about how empty the city streets were today. I can understand how living in the city can be so simple yet luxurious.


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