Brighton Beach

In which we planned and did actual beachy things like playing volleyball and frisbee unlike last post, even though the wind was strong, I had sand bruises from hitting the sand covered volleyball the wrong way. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done things like these at the beach, actually played GAMES at the beach, I cannot for the sake of me remember. Maybe even never. And then there were those two ajumms who wandered along the beach and seawater like they were constantly rooted in the sea. The seawater was crystal clear like wow-ing clear, I think it’s because being brought up in M’sia, all the beaches no matter how famous all go muddy and gritty with sand the older we get. One annoying thing about hot Strayan summer are the swarm of flies that can rest on your hoodie or back and hitch a ride with you to the beach or in the train. Not just a few, they rest in clusters as much as 6. Blerughh. There was a funny moment when Mel pointed Nick and Pheebs were trying to get out of those couple-y selfie pictures, I jokingly said I should go over to help them and so I did, with an extra “NOW KISS” which was also meant as a half-joke but everyone was feeling particularly elated that day, we all laughed ourselves silly. I loved how everyone wore bright colours that coincidentally matched the coloured houses. I love sea-breezed-salty-sea hair, that wind gave me a good hair day. I love how you could see the Melbourne city skyline being tiny in the distance. I love the pre-prepped-packed small picnic snack thing I put together for everyone. I love how totally ajumms my friends are. I love the hilarity talking about Niagara Falls. I did not love how everyone had sunnies and I was the uncool one in all photos, but even that wasn’t enough to ruin my mood. We planned to watch the sunset but summer suns set at 8pm, that plan failed so we made our way to Flinders Street to Lygon for dinner at Universal. Best $15 I’ve spent, good food and shared platters. Mel “KNOWS A PARK” so we froze our butts off in beach attire at Argyle Square, but once we laid down on the grass it became much more bearable. It was also then I got a call from RAWartists about an exhibition, we were sitting in a circle and everyone heard the whole conversation and congratulated me and were so supportive I feel so blessed to have dis buncha frens lyk o stopit u aww *CKK*



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