Mid August city sights

In which we travelled to Harbour Town for Mock Wedding / ball shopping, I annoyed pedestrians by doing night symmetrical street shots, we travelled back to Clayton for a Korean dinner with an unfamiliar group of new people just met via a barbecue, where we followed Google Maps and winded up in a dodgy alley, when we then quickly made our way out to the main streets, in which I saw a certain shop with the names of two people-saving, things-killing, the family business-ing brothers, then we made our way to the Korean restaurant, in which a Sri Lankian ordered food in Korean, and we bought drinks and back to Richo’s moose room for a drinking game and late late later into the night when we had a deep deep deep talk sitting by the lake playing Mafia IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, wandering back to common room, got (politely) chased out by the patrolling security, and we talked and wandered until 4 in the morning.

I also bought a basil plant which did not last very long despite my constant watering and sunlight I provided.

I have so many more adventures to share, where I climbed rocks (not really) and danced at balls (not the traditional waltzy kind) and baked goods and cooked foods (yes to this no lies) and midnight road tripping to three places, each one further southeast than the previous, all just to see the stars.

 photo IMG_2954.jpg

 photo IMG_2956.jpg

 photo IMG_2961.jpg

 photo IMG_2966.jpg

 photo IMG_2968.jpg

 photo IMG_2973.jpg

 photo IMG_2975.jpg

 photo IMG_2977.jpg

 photo IMG_2980.jpg

 photo IMG_2981.jpg

 photo IMG_2984.jpg

 photo IMG_2988.jpg

 photo IMG_3002.jpg

 photo IMG_3004.jpg

 photo IMG_3018.jpg

 photo IMG_3022.jpg

 photo IMG_3025.jpg

 photo IMG_3027.jpg

 photo IMG_3030.jpg

 photo IMG_3033.jpg

 photo IMG_3036.jpg

 photo IMG_3038.jpg

 photo IMG_3044.jpg

 photo IMG_3046.jpg

 photo IMG_3049.jpg

 photo IMG_3050.jpg

 photo IMG_3052.jpg

 photo IMG_3053.jpg

 photo IMG_3054.jpg

 photo IMG_3057.jpg

 photo IMG_3062.jpg

 photo IMG_3063.jpg

 photo IMG_3070.jpg

 photo IMG_3075.jpg

 photo IMG_3084.jpg

 photo IMG_3086.jpg

 photo IMG_3089.jpg

 photo IMG_3090.jpg

 photo IMG_3109.jpg

 photo IMG_3111.jpg

 photo IMG_3127.jpg

 photo IMG_3170.jpg

This picture is here because Yee Sim likes to come to my room, look through my photos on my camera, and take a snap of me because she “don’t want you to know where the last picture I looked was”.

Actually, if you were in my room right now, this is the exact same pose I am in, exact same scene, computer, minus the faerie lights.



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