Richo Sports, AKVs, Golden Walks

How do title.

 photo IMG_2156.jpg

Richardson Hall sports night, friendly match against the Peninsula campus. Peninsula sounds really far away, it was a rainy drive on the bus.

 photo IMG_2166.jpg

 photo IMG_2168.jpg

Sim and I signed up for badminton (they shortform it to ‘badmin’ here) like true Malaysians.

 photo IMG_2175.jpg

Believe it or not, my first ever dodgeball game.

 photo IMG_2192.jpg

 photo IMG_2201.jpg

 photo IMG_2204.jpg

RICHO WON OVERALL even though we lost at dodgeball hah.

 photo IMG_2206.jpg

Group photo by Emily. That’s us being moose. Is the plural of moose “meese”?

 photo IMG_2207.jpg

 photo IMG_2209.jpg

 photo IMG_2210.jpg

 photo IMG_2214.jpg

 photo IMG_2223.jpg

 photo IMG_2227.jpg

 photo IMG_2232.jpg

The first time AKVs met each other and unwittingly became AKVs. Odd when you take pictures and at that time they seem like just any other normal people in a picture, but wooh after 5 weeks and you know them so much more better you look back at these pictures and you think, these people that seemed so normal last time are the same people that do weekly meetups with you woW hOW

 photo IMG_2233.jpg

 photo IMG_2240.jpg

 photo IMG_2243.jpg

 photo IMG_2248.jpg

 photo IMG_2250.jpg

 photo IMG_2254.jpg

 photo IMG_2258.jpg

 photo IMG_2262.jpg

 photo IMG_2269.jpg

Walked over to Sim’s bro’s place to cook a hearty green curry chicken meal.

 photo IMG_2271.jpg

 photo IMG_2274.jpg

Look at their actual pantry storage of food so insanely jealous!

 photo IMG_2279.jpg

 photo IMG_2283.jpg

 photo IMG_2286.jpg

A very happy night for my happy tummy.

 photo IMG_2301.jpg

 photo IMG_2302.jpg

(Mel’s gonna kill me for this pic but I can’t help it)

 photo IMG_2307.jpg

 photo IMG_2308.jpg

Family bunch, we had lunch with Mel’s family.

 photo IMG_2327.jpg

Kale bunch that I was very excited about.

 photo IMG_2339.jpg

 photo IMG_2364.jpg

I did a bit of spring (winter) cleaning and found these wrapped up neat and nice in my extension cords plugs pouch! I only discovered them one month later awww gawsh. FAMUHLEE.

 photo IMG_2365.jpg

 photo IMG_2383.jpg

 photo IMG_2403.jpg

 photo IMG_2417.jpg

 photo IMG_2420.jpg

 photo IMG_2421.jpg

 photo IMG_2424.jpg

 photo IMG_2425.jpg

 photo IMG_2430.jpg

 photo IMG_2431.jpg

 photo IMG_2452.jpg

Fun fact about Swan: she doesn’t have a strong breath she can’t dandelion

 photo IMG_2458.jpg

 photo IMG_2461.jpg

 photo IMG_2462.jpg

 photo IMG_2463.jpg

 photo IMG_2466.jpg

Her self acclaimed “siao zhar bor” hair

 photo IMG_2469.jpg

 photo IMG_2470.jpg

 photo IMG_2473.jpg

 photo IMG_2476.jpg

 photo IMG_2477.jpg


 photo IMG_2485.jpg


 photo IMG_2487.jpg


 photo IMG_2501.jpg


 photo IMG_2520.jpg

The afternoon before WIGU I was in my room shaking the curtains vigorously for all these dust specks in almost-golden-hour light

 photo IMG_2538.jpg


 photo IMG_2540.jpg

 photo IMG_2542.jpg

 photo IMG_2573.jpg

 photo IMG_2589.jpg

 photo IMG_2592.jpg

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2597.jpg

 photo IMG_2601.jpg

 photo IMG_2602.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg



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