on campus II

 photo IMG_1762.jpg

Perfect triangle shadows. This is what my window would look like, if it wasn’t partially covered by a tree on the left. No, furthur left, another corner.

 photo IMG_1764.jpg

Took a walk with Swan Ee to chase light all the way to Normanby House, which is just across the road.

 photo IMG_1770.jpg

 photo IMG_1771.jpg

 photo IMG_1774.jpg

 photo IMG_1775.jpg

 photo IMG_1785.jpg

 photo IMG_1788.jpg

 photo IMG_1793.jpg

 photo IMG_1794.jpg

 photo IMG_1795.jpg

 photo IMG_1796.jpg

 photo IMG_1797.jpg

 photo IMG_1801.jpg

 photo IMG_1803.jpg

 photo IMG_1804.jpg

 photo IMG_1805.jpg

 photo IMG_1810.jpg

 photo IMG_1813.jpg

 photo IMG_1815.jpg

 photo IMG_1821.jpg

 photo IMG_1827.jpg

 photo IMG_1832.jpg

Evil goose. One time I was walking towards campus center and he s t a r e d at me because I was crossing his path so I took another route. I think he’s a he. I think he’s called Mortimer.

 photo IMG_1846.jpg

 photo IMG_1847.jpg

 photo IMG_1849.jpg

 photo IMG_1851.jpg

 photo IMG_1852.jpg

 photo IMG_1854.jpg

 photo IMG_1855.jpg

Door! The ‘COMING SOON’ doesn’t mean my room is in hold or anything btw, it’s just our stairway’s theme, which is Movies. There are posters hung up everywhere too.

 photo IMG_1858.jpg

 photo IMG_1859.jpg

 photo IMG_1862.jpg

 photo IMG_1869.jpg

 photo IMG_1871.jpg

 photo IMG_1906.jpg

 photo IMG_1908.jpg

Came to frisbee with Sim to give her moral support!

 photo IMG_1909.jpg

 photo IMG_1912.jpg

 photo IMG_1913.jpg

 photo IMG_1921.jpg

 photo IMG_1923.jpg

 photo IMG_1925.jpg

 photo IMG_1931.jpg

Stairway night in which we had a barbecue, played games, fingerpaint, meet new people.

 photo IMG_1933.jpg

 photo IMG_1938.jpg

 photo IMG_1939.jpg

 photo IMG_1944.jpg

 photo IMG_1946.jpg

 photo IMG_1950.jpg

dis us (not all of us tho)

 photo IMG_1952.jpg

^ dis all of stairway 3, arranged according to floors.

 photo IMG_1961.jpg

Bowling with my Michelle and Janelle, they mah Aussie coz

 photo IMG_1975.jpg

 photo IMG_1976.jpg

 photo IMG_1977.jpg

 photo IMG_1981.jpg

 photo IMG_1988.jpg

 photo IMG_1998.jpg

Humpty Dumpties.

 photo IMG_2006.jpg

 photo IMG_2009.jpg

 photo IMG_2012.jpg


 photo IMG_2026.jpg

“hey you wanna take pics later” “ok sure” “come by my room ok”

Swan and Sim helped me with my 365!

 photo IMG_2027.jpg

 photo IMG_2028.jpg

 photo IMG_2050-Edit.jpg

 photo IMG_2062.jpg

Open Day @ Monash in which we went for freebies mostly. Hey it was a Sunday.

 photo IMG_2065.jpg


 photo IMG_2068.jpg

Mich and me

 photo IMG_2070.jpg

 photo IMG_2074.jpg

 photo IMG_2077.jpg

Brought Michelle and a friend back to play free pool

 photo IMG_2082.jpg

Open day at Monash meant it was open day at all the halls too, including Richo.

 photo IMG_2085.jpg

 photo IMG_2096.jpg

And we had a go at driving his manual car to his workplace. Yahhhh still got it, even in wedged heels.

 photo IMG_2110.jpg

 photo IMG_2127.jpg

 photo IMG_2145.jpg

Last weekend I went to Hanging Rock and we found secret spots to hang at and take in 200 degrees landscape views it was amaaaazing I have to get through all of my pictures first though

goodbye i am gone



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