Melbourne city sights

This was more than a month ago, 25/7 when Kimberly took me out to the city for a look see look see. I can see the appeal of the city lyf, everything around looks so big and sky scraping and architect-y, everything is easy access, right in the heart of the city. There’s just something about da city ya kno.

 photo IMG_1589.jpg

 photo IMG_1592.jpg

 photo IMG_1593.jpg

 photo IMG_1602.jpg

 photo IMG_1603.jpg

Forever trying to perfect symmetrical street shots whenever crossing the road and end up annoying the people walking behind me.

 photo IMG_1606-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1608.jpg

 photo IMG_1610.jpg

Queueing up for lunch at Hardware Societe, one of those laneway cafes.

 photo IMG_1614.jpg

 photo IMG_1615.jpg

My $21 meal of beef (-something I forgot the full name of forgive me it’s been a month). Ouch my money pocket heart (but it was REALLY GOOD)

 photo IMG_1617.jpg

 photo IMG_1619.jpg

 photo IMG_1624.jpg

 photo IMG_1626.jpg

 photo IMG_1629.jpg

 photo IMG_1631.jpg

The Melbourne Town Hall which stretched so long I couldn’t capture it’s full glory

 photo IMG_1635.jpg

 photo IMG_1639.jpg

Headed to IKEA in Richmond via tram because both of us had things to buy

 photo IMG_1643.jpg

 photo IMG_1644.jpg

 photo IMG_1647.jpg

 photo IMG_1651.jpg

The view from Kim’s amaaazing apartment

 photo IMG_1652.jpg

 photo IMG_1654.jpg

 photo IMG_1657.jpg

 photo IMG_1658.jpg

Basically her backyard

 photo IMG_1665.jpg

 photo IMG_1666.jpg

 photo IMG_1670.jpg

 photo IMG_1674.jpg

 photo IMG_1676.jpg

 photo IMG_1678.jpg

 photo IMG_1682.jpg

 photo IMG_1684.jpg

 photo IMG_1690.jpg

 photo IMG_1693.jpg

 photo IMG_1695.jpg

 photo IMG_1696.jpg

 photo IMG_1697.jpg


 photo IMG_1710.jpg

 photo IMG_1720.jpg

First timer ‘ghost-busting’ her room

 photo IMG_1730.jpg

Staaaaairway supper with Roberts Hall

 photo IMG_1732.jpg

 photo IMG_1733.jpg

 photo IMG_1737.jpg

Stairway supper is kind of the BEST THING EVER REALLY

Once a week, each stairway prepares an assortment of supper things: sweet treats, dessert, just this week’s had A LOT OF CHOCOLATE and I tried to eat one of every thing. We have 10 stairways in total so it’s stretched out across the semester. SUPPER.

 photo IMG_1740.jpg

 photo IMG_1745.jpg

 photo IMG_1746.jpg

 photo IMG_1748.jpg

 photo IMG_1750.jpg

 photo IMG_1755.jpg

 photo IMG_1757.jpg

 photo IMG_1761.jpg




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