on campus

A mixture of photos from places around campus, from Richo Hall to the field outside Jackomos and Briggs.

 photo IMG_1441.jpg

 photo IMG_1442.jpg

 photo IMG_1444-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1447.jpg

Melanie frisbee stalking HAHA

 photo IMG_1456.jpg

 photo IMG_1471.jpg

 photo IMG_1488.jpg

 photo IMG_1490.jpg

 photo IMG_1492.jpg

It was FREEZING + RAIN on the day the bus decided to arrive in 20 mins.

 photo IMG_1496.jpg

Bird filled field near Jackomos / Briggs in the evening, I charged into the middle of the field to get some mid flight photos

 photo IMG_1498.jpg


 photo IMG_1504.jpg

 photo IMG_1505.jpg

^ Sneaky photo of me ‘just chasing birds’ by Sim

 photo IMG_1513.jpg

 photo IMG_1519.jpg

 photo IMG_1528.jpg

 photo IMG_1534.jpg

I didn’t dare go near, that bird  on the edge there was very happily doing its business.

 photo IMG_1540.jpg

Richo Hall’s mascot is a moose, have I ever mentioned that? This is a scarecrow version by the veggie patch (we are the ONLY HALL to have a scarecrow mascot we kool kool), which coincidentally wears plaid (hello Jared Padalecki)

 photo IMG_1542-1.jpg


 photo IMG_1547.jpg


 photo IMG_1549.jpg

 photo IMG_1553.jpg

I kind of love on campus residence surroundings

 photo IMG_1556.jpg

 photo IMG_1558.jpg

 photo IMG_1576.jpg

“omg the light is so pretty” I said, and I started photographing Swan Ee

 photo IMG_1587.jpg

Short post, I need to catch up with all the photo blogposts chronogically.



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