Richo’s When I Grow Up

Or for short, Richardson Hall’s WIGU event. Held on a Wednesday night, because weekends are usually days when local residents travel back home. (Okay, so I don’t do this often, but I’m posting the pictures up here more for my sake than uploading them on facebook. I know some people want to see them but I don’t fancy them on my ‘wall’, so blog is a sort of more private option? or public, depending on how you look at it)

 photo IMG_2750.jpg

 photo IMG_2620.jpg

 photo IMG_2629.jpg

Pre party pics (hello white brick wall)

 photo IMG_2627.jpg

 photo IMG_2621.jpg

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

 photo IMG_2638.jpg
(snagged from Emily’s fb ^)

 photo IMG_2640.jpg

 photo IMG_2643.jpg

 photo IMG_2644.jpg

People took their dressing up very seriously and we got so pressured hahah

 photo IMG_2645.jpg

 photo IMG_2650.jpg

It’s my fifth time looking through the pictures and I still can’t stop laughing at Jo / his outfit

 photo IMG_2653.jpg

 photo IMG_2673.jpg

 photo IMG_2674.jpg

 photo IMG_2693.jpg


 photo IMG_2660.jpg

At one point I got picked up by a Goku

 photo IMG_2675.jpg

 photo IMG_2679.jpg

 photo IMG_2680.jpg

 photo IMG_2683.jpg

 photo IMG_2685.jpg

 photo IMG_2687.jpg

 photo IMG_2689.jpg

 photo IMG_2700.jpg

 photo IMG_2701.jpg

omg Jo

 photo IMG_2703.jpg

 photo IMG_2712.jpg

 photo IMG_2714.jpg

 photo IMG_2716.jpg

Hey look Richo Sports Night there I am

 photo IMG_2718.jpg

 photo IMG_2722.jpg

 photo IMG_2724.jpg

 photo IMG_2726.jpg

 photo IMG_2729.jpg

 photo IMG_2734.jpg

Taking a break from the sweat and heat

 photo IMG_2741.jpg

 photo IMG_2745.jpg

 photo IMG_2748.jpg

 photo IMG_2753.jpg

 photo IMG_2758.jpg

 photo IMG_2769.jpg

Ladies, pls.

 photo IMG_2770.jpg

 photo IMG_2771.jpg

 photo IMG_2776.jpg

Yah I just realised how many pictures there are of me, this is what happens when I am not wielding the camera, I feel almost narcissistic at the abnormal amount (than the usual 0) of pictures of me.

 photo IMG_2784.jpg

 photo IMG_2786.jpg

Halfway through the dark with lights I realised I should have used a slower shutter speed + flash wow I’m slow

 photo IMG_2789.jpg

 photo IMG_2793.jpg

 photo IMG_2795.jpg

 photo IMG_2797.jpg

 photo IMG_2801.jpg


 photo IMG_2803.jpg

 photo IMG_2812.jpg

 photo IMG_2815.jpg

 photo IMG_2819.jpg

just doing my job, ridding the dance floor of mosquitoes.

 photo IMG_2823.jpg

 photo IMG_2832.jpg

 photo IMG_2835.jpg

 photo IMG_2836.jpg

Reflecting on the day / night with Sim by the veggie patch.

 photo IMG_2837.jpg

Sim in my lab coat because she was cold.

Amazing what a night of dancing could do to warm you up, I could walk sleeveless in the night wind! When I Grow Up was a last minute thing we decided to go to, the night ended pretty ok, but the music could have been better. Either that or I’m not used to da Aussie’s music taste just yet. Alcohol was allowed, BYO (3 standard drinks) but I’ve never had a strong preference for alcohol so it was a pretty ‘tame’ night. I wouldn’t call it a social event because you can’t talk / socialise when you have to fight to keep your voice above the thumping booming music.

This turned out to be more like a party thing than dress up? There were nurses, doctors, a lot in the medical profession, construction workers, clown, airplane (yes, I found a Martin Crieff), belly dancers, etc etc I can’t think of anymore right now, it felt more like a Mean Girls halloween haha!



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