Melbourne melbourne

I’m starting this post with chickens.

 photo IMG_1174.jpg

Because chickens. Chickens seen in Victoria Market. Chickens for sale in Victoria Market.

 photo IMG_1175.jpg

 photo IMG_1176.jpg

Spanish doughnuts aka churros. Tasted like yao zha guai + icing sugar, but a great treat in the chilly cold!

 photo IMG_1178.jpg

 photo IMG_1186.jpg

For Herc Shipwright.

 photo IMG_1195.jpg

 photo IMG_1222.jpg

Fruit bowl!

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

 photo IMG_1239.jpg

 photo IMG_1249.jpg

 photo IMG_1244.jpg

Jackomos Halls.

 photo IMG_1251.jpg

 photo IMG_1258.jpg

 photo IMG_1261.jpg

 photo IMG_1267.jpg

Yi Chin (Sim’s brother) took us to DFO South Warf near / in the city.

 photo IMG_1272.jpg

 photo IMG_1278.jpg

 photo IMG_1279.jpg

 photo IMG_1288.jpg

 photo IMG_1290.jpg

 photo IMG_1292.jpg

 photo IMG_1294.jpg

 photo IMG_1298.jpg

 photo IMG_1299.jpg

 photo IMG_1313.jpg

Southern Cross station.

 photo IMG_1316.jpg

 photo IMG_1321.jpg

 photo IMG_1323.jpg

 photo IMG_1326-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1331.jpg

 photo IMG_1337.jpg

 photo IMG_1338.jpg

 photo IMG_1341.jpg

 photo IMG_1345.jpg

 photo IMG_1355.jpg

365ing with my RM4 lights I brought from M’sia.

 photo IMG_1375.jpg

 photo IMG_1387.jpg

 photo IMG_1390.jpg

 photo IMG_1395.jpg

 photo IMG_1397-2.jpg

 photo IMG_1403-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1417.jpg

Me on timer, looking at our hall mascot’s scarecrow.

 photo IMG_1419.jpg

 photo IMG_1422.jpg

Night walking with Sim, with the patrolling security services behind.



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