Plane Views & Settling in Melb

Airplane views.

 photo IMG_0971.jpg

 photo IMG_0928.jpg

 photo IMG_0942.jpg

 photo IMG_0946.jpg

 photo IMG_0951.jpg

Gazing at stars along a blue horizon

things i live for ya know

 photo IMG_0957.jpg

 photo IMG_0967.jpg

 photo IMG_0984.jpg

Little mirror lakes

 photo IMG_0992.jpg

 photo IMG_0993.jpg

 photo IMG_0994.jpg

 photo IMG_0996.jpg

 photo IMG_1001.jpg

 photo IMG_1004.jpg

Ah yes. We touched down in Melbourne @ 8am and all that was running through my head was ‘omg this is da land of trudi canavan of julia t of nirrimi of all these other people that i might bump into the street idk’

 photo IMG_1005.jpg

Heavy luggage pulling. This is the common steps of (my) Richardson ‘Richo’ Hall!

 photo IMG_1013.jpg

 photo IMG_1016.jpg

 photo IMG_1021.jpg

 photo IMG_1022.jpg

Finding our way to Mel’s apartment

 photo IMG_1023.jpg

 photo IMG_1024.jpg

 photo IMG_1028.jpg

 photo IMG_1038.jpg

 photo IMG_1043.jpg

 photo IMG_1044.jpg

Mel’s place has a lift and a mirror in it pls

 photo IMG_1048.jpg

 photo IMG_1049.jpg

 photo IMG_1051.jpg

 photo IMG_1052.jpg

 photo IMG_1054.jpg

I love all the trees around Clayton campus! Monash Sunway was too building structure-y. Australia generally has such good weather, even in winter. Sunny but cooling. (Don’t talk about yesterday though, we hit single digits in the WIND and RAIN pffffthh)

 photo IMG_1055.jpg

Sim and Elmo at the bank

 photo IMG_1056.jpg

Sim’s brother took us to Chadstone for necessity shopping. Bus view.

 photo IMG_1059.jpg

 photo IMG_1062.jpg

 photo IMG_1066.jpg

 photo IMG_1076.jpg

 photo IMG_1088.jpg

We walk past this every night when we get back from grocery shopping

 photo IMG_1092.jpg

Trees that look like blood vessels / nerves.

 photo IMG_1106.jpg

We cooked at Mel’s place.

 photo IMG_1115.jpg

I like my broccoli

 photo IMG_1119.jpg

 photo IMG_1122.jpg

 photo IMG_1128.jpg

 photo IMG_1130.jpg

We took  the bus and overshot and ended up in Oakleigh but that’s ok we shopped at Woolworth’s anyway.

 photo IMG_1131.jpg

The lake near my ressie halls.

 photo IMG_1135.jpg

We went back to cook at Mel’s again, but once we stepped into the building with grocery bags and food in hand, the fire drill BLARED.

 photo IMG_1139.jpg

 photo IMG_1141.jpg

The fire brigade came. I bet they come a lot to ressie halls.

 photo IMG_1144.jpg

 photo IMG_1146.jpg

And all was well so we went back in to cook.



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