KL -> Melbourne

 photo IMG_0762.jpg

 photo IMG_0761.jpg

 photo IMG_0781.jpg

 photo IMG_0796.jpg

this sums up our trombonists group 4 lyfe

 photo IMG_0799.jpg

Joce with da curleeyy hair and da new tatt

 photo IMG_0816.jpg

 photo IMG_0823.jpg

me talking about Mad’s/Hannibal’s cheekbones. I like this good so this is my new profile picture

 photo IMG_0834.jpg

 photo IMG_0841.jpg

 photo IMG_0847.jpg

ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CAME to send me and Yee Sim off aww

 photo IMG_0849.jpg

Vulcanizing yo farewells

 photo IMG_0852.jpg

 photo IMG_0858.jpg

 photo IMG_0862.jpg

Melanie and Yee Sim

 photo IMG_0866.jpg

 photo IMG_0869.jpg

 photo IMG_0870.jpg

 photo IMG_0873.jpg

Prettily put together scrapbook from the band people.  photo IMG_0772-1.jpg

TARDIS fold up banjo card by the Angs and YT I TOOK A GLIMPSE INTO THE VOID

 photo IMG_0878.jpg

Words from Aileen + 2 seals

I haven’t officially thanked all of them yet but I loved it so so much you have to understand I like all of you very much and in that moment I almost wanted to call off the whole thing and stay in Malaysia.


better put your sunnies on cause lens flare from night airport through-the-porthole views be blinding you coming right up

 photo IMG_0882.jpg

 photo IMG_0889.jpg

 photo IMG_0894.jpg


 photo IMG_0897.jpg

 photo IMG_0902.jpg

 photo IMG_0904.jpg

 photo IMG_0905.jpg

Almost 2 weeks ago.

it’s so cold here I feel like hibernating all day and not editing photos at all.




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