June’s Last

I called Aileen over for hair dyeing / giving her her tripod / full frame squeeing business. So convenient that she lives nearby, makes these random on a whim things successful.

By the by, Aileen is selling some of her pre-loved clothes, some of them look practically brand new, some of them ARE BRAND NEW, everything is cheap like chirps so go check her tasteful wardrobe out here >> mylittlelittleyardsale.wordpress.com <<

 photo IMG_0031.jpg

 photo IMG_0030-3.jpg

 photo IMG_0004-1.jpg

The 6D has wifi sum-thing-a-magic that can use a phone as a remote and live view and adjust shutter speeds ISO etc that is pretty much not needed BUT HEY ISN’T THIS THE COOLEST

 photo IMG_0034-2.jpg

Aileen’s first use of the in camera double exposure. We deal in artistic.

 photo IMG_0039-1.jpg

Ok so the pink/red didn’t quite come out the way we wanted/expected dumb dyes dumbbb I’m sorry Aileen hahahaha

And then we took a walk for my 365

 photo IMG_0052.jpg

 photo IMG_0061.jpg

 photo IMG_0065.jpg

 photo IMG_0068-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0079.jpg

 photo IMG_0082-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0084.jpg

 photo IMG_0085-2.jpg

so many giant photos *_*

 photo IMG_0088-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0092-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0095-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0108.jpg

 photo IMG_0109.jpg

 photo IMG_0113-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0114.jpg

 photo IMG_0118.jpg

 photo IMG_0121-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0123.jpg

 photo IMG_0139.jpg

 photo IMG_0142.jpg

 photo IMG_0146-coll.jpg

 photo IMG_0150-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0156.jpg

 photo IMG_0164-1.jpg

Then went to KL with the family to use up some book vouchers at Kinokuniya

 photo IMG_0169.jpg

 photo IMG_0173.jpg

why do I see MOUNTAINS on our drive to KL whatwhatWHAT Wat why

 photo IMG_0176-2.jpg

^ ugh drive by lucky shot

 photo IMG_0181.jpg

 photo IMG_0183-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0186-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0188-1.jpg

I AM LOVING THE FULL FRAME’S CAPABILITY IN LOW LIGHT LAWD now I don’t have to keep such a tight check on my ISO

 photo IMG_0191.jpg

Kimchi jjigae! (yah I had to google how to spell that). It’s kind of a thing to have Korean food once a month in our family. Though it’s happening less, since our favourite Koryo-Won branch closed down. We tried other different Korean restaurants but bleh ngeh we’ve acquired a certain taste for Koryo-Won I guess??? This is the branch in KLCC.

 photo IMG_0192-2.jpg

Quite a view of KLCC park from the Kinokuniya bookstore

 photo IMG_0198-1.jpg

ooooohLALA freakin lights and bubbles of bokeh

 photo IMG_0202-1.jpg

^ I tried tilt-shifting on my pancake hahahaha nO?

 photo IMG_0201-coll.jpg

 photo IMG_0203e_s.jpg

Ahhhhhh yes to good city views.


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