Morib v2.0

 photo IMG_0465.jpg

March 2013, made a trip to our favourite isolated beach again – Morib. Without Yee Teng this time :( but the usual gang +1 Junn Yih. Wow March, I’m updating this 2 months later. And I’m dumping everything here so be prepared.

 photo IMG_0030.jpg
 photo IMG_0010-1.jpg
 photo IMG_0032-1.jpg
 photo IMG_0038.jpg
 photo IMG_0041.jpg

My kit lens started malfunctioning, I think it’s because I haven’t used it in a long time. Bah and to think I just got it fixed last year too.

 photo IMG_0043.jpg
 photo IMG_0048.jpg
 photo IMG_0050.jpg
 photo IMG_0063.jpg

This looked dangerous.

 photo IMG_0075.jpg

Self portrait 101

 photo IMG_0100.jpg

ok from here onwards it’s rather repetitive photos. I felt like the trip was for me to only take photos, these poor people I steal as my models hah!

 photo IMG_0113.jpg
 photo IMG_0121.jpg
 photo IMG_0137.jpg
 photo IMG_0170.jpg
 photo IMG_0183.jpg
 photo IMG_0184-1.jpg
 photo IMG_0205.jpg
 photo IMG_0208.jpg
 photo IMG_0219.jpg
 photo IMG_0222.jpg
 photo IMG_0229.jpg
 photo IMG_0245.jpg
 photo IMG_0261.jpg
 photo IMG_0264.jpg
 photo IMG_0270.jpg
 photo IMG_0272.jpg
 photo IMG_0282e-coll_s.jpg
 photo IMG_0289e.jpg
 photo IMG_0343.jpg

Yah the sunset was pretty awesome

 photo IMG_0400.jpg
 photo IMG_0402.jpg
 photo IMG_0414.jpg
 photo IMG_0421.jpg

And then it started to turn blue with a bit of orange left.

 photo IMG_0424.jpg
 photo IMG_0430e.jpg
 photo IMG_0439.jpg
 photo IMG_0440.jpg

Everything was so gradiently pretty I swear to god arghhghghg I never wanted to leave photo IMG_0446.jpg

 photo IMG_0447.jpg
 photo IMG_0506.jpg
 photo IMG_0510.jpg
 photo IMG_0515.jpg
 photo IMG_0516.jpg

We walked back in the 7p darkness.

 photo IMG_0526.jpg
 photo IMG_0527.jpg
 photo IMG_0537.jpg
 photo IMG_0539.jpg
 photo IMG_0540.jpg
 photo IMG_0542.jpg
 photo IMG_0550.jpg
 photo IMG_0571.jpg
 photo IMG_0584.jpg

Sparkling juice A+++ pls sparkling juice over any alcohol any day for me pls. We brought plastic cups to the beach and sat on the log sipping until it started to drizzle and we headed back up the our rooms.

 photo IMG_0588.jpg

I dragged Hui Mei out in the morning because Qing was being a pig

 photo IMG_0596.jpg
 photo IMG_0613.jpg
 photo IMG_0615.jpg
 photo IMG_0619.jpg


 photo IMG_0622-Edit.jpg
 photo IMG_0630.jpg
 photo IMG_0635.jpg
 photo IMG_0637.jpg
 photo IMG_0641.jpg
 photo IMG_0652.jpg
 photo IMG_0655.jpg
 photo IMG_0659.jpg
 photo IMG_0674.jpg
 photo IMG_0685.jpg
 photo IMG_0699.jpg
 photo IMG_0702.jpg
 photo IMG_0738.jpg
 photo IMG_0739.jpg
 photo IMG_0759.jpg
 photo IMG_0763.jpg

A mushroom farm we visited which wasn’t exactly a display-mushroom-farm, more buy-tourist-mushroom place.

 photo IMG_0764.jpg
 photo IMG_0767.jpg
 photo IMG_0768.jpg
 photo IMG_0772.jpg

Really weird champagne flavoured lolly stick, which tasted exactly like bubblegum, true to its colour.

I edited this dump with Lightroom that I recently discovered, boy is it the best thing for batch editing. HOW DID I KNOW OF DIS BEFORE AHRHG?? PHOTOGRAPHER???

Congrats you made it to the end! Here’s a silly video with a silly soundtrack.


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