Aileen + Impromptu

Today was:

  • sleepover with band kakis + 2 party watching Prometheus
  • wake at 7 because my car was blocking a rubbish truck
  • brunch dim sum talk instead of pillow talk
  • taking care of application documents
  • [a lovely impromptu outing with Aileen]* and
  • family thyme

 photo IMG_0859e.jpg

 photo IMG_0849e.jpg

 photo IMG_0855e.jpg

 photo IMG_0857e.jpg

 photo IMG_0872e.jpg

 photo IMG_0872e.jpg

 photo IMG_0903e.jpg

 photo IMG_0908e2.jpg

 photo IMG_0882e.jpg

 photo IMG_0899e.jpg

 photo IMG_0926e.jpg

 photo IMG_0928e.jpg

 photo IMG_0931e.jpg

 photo IMG_0935e.jpg

 photo IMG_0936e-coll.jpg

 photo IMG_0939e.jpg

 photo IMG_0946e.jpg

 photo IMG_0961e.jpg

 photo IMG_0969e.jpg

*I had to scan some documents at her place and we went to Bangsar on a whim. The decorations in every (well, most) stores was lovely, I wanted to place people at everywhere to photograph them. Everyone got something and a bonus – Moo Cow! Practically screeched at each other when we found out there was a Moo Cow branch at Bangsar.



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