Weeks 7 and 8 (and News!)

Before 365s, exciting news! That I’ve been keeping for months now because insecurity / nothing was set in stone yet. Harbouring this to myself (and a handful of close humans) for a few months has definitely toned down the excitement… but ANTICIPATION.

click through for event page

I’ll be having my first exhibition ever with Crop Up Gallery @ P Spowage Art Gallery, Nottingham. That’s right, I’m going international! Downside is I won’t be able to be there in person to see my work in full print, so if you’re around the area please please please try to snag a picture of yourself pulling a ridiculous face in front of it, you’ll have my eternal gratitude. (And my prints are going to be for sale too! Yay! For everything!)

Now on to 365s.

43: photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0468.jpg

Qing needs a floating hat.

 photo IMG_0477e-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0516e.jpg

7:30a sunrise view of the sea.

44: photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

45: photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0031e.jpg


 photo IMG_0031e.jpg

 photo IMG_0031e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0041e-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0089e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0100e.jpg


 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg


 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

49: Progress

 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

50: Under the Weather

 photo IMG_0111-coll.jpg

I was genuinely sick with cough/cold/fever and fed up but making this cheered me up.

 photo IMG_0111-coll.jpg


 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg


 photo IMG_0017.jpg


 photo IMG_0017.jpg

 photo IMG_0017.jpg

I LIKE YOU, TREE. I LIKE YOU. He looks like he needs a buddy to hang over the edge with him and photo ops! But alas.

 photo IMG_0019.jpg

54: Ceremonial

 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0040e-coll.jpg

 photo IMG_0036e.jpg

55: The Rainmaker

 photo IMG_0035e_s.jpg

 photo asketchrainmaker.jpg

preliminary wooh-wooh sketch

 photo IMG_0080e-coll.jpg

 photo IMG_0082e-1.jpg

I bought test tubes for this concept.

 photo IMG_0086e.jpg

 photo IMG_0089e-1.jpg

Raindrops be making this car galactic

 photo IMG_0093e.jpg

 photo IMG_0093e.jpg


In other non-related news I’ve finished all 8 and a half seasons of Supernatural and with a slight Hunteri Heroici reference for the ending of this blogpost:

That’s all, folks.



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