Weeks 4, 5, 6.

I am absolutely terrible at keeping track of 365s on my blog. So here’s 3 weeks in a dump go.

22: Aileen here
 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

23: Kristine here

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg


 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

It’s called a fungal infection


 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0074es.jpg

26: Kristine again

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0011e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

These are some of the few concepts I tried out that didn’t work out DIDN’T WORK OUT until I nailed it somehow at the end making it up as I go.

 photo didntworkout.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Done with a science-y theme in mind.

 photo IMG_0018e_s.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0030e.jpg

 photo IMG_0034e.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0097e.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Visited the Ang’s and they accompanied me to take my 365 on a hill :) then it started drizzling.

 photo IMG_0014es.jpg

 photo IMG_0071e-s.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

There were originally giraffes but I decided not haaha

 photo IMG_0039es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Another blog post / portrait series I help take for a friend and haven’t got to editing yet.

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0005es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Blue skies are the greatest. I went on a streak of photographing outdoors for a short length of 3 days.

 photo IMG_0122es.jpg

I got green moss while climbing up

 photo IMG_0137e-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Leo in a misted car!
 photo IMG_0184es.jpg

 photo IMG_0214es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

 photo IMG_0004es.jpg

 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

Up on the bare tree on Penang hill my grandma lives on.

 photo IMG_0280e_s.jpg

We stayed until night, there were pretty lights, even stars, and had fun with a bit of CNY gambling ;)

 photo IMG_0305es.jpg

42: Tze Hoong here
 photo IMG_0423es.jpg

And then I went over to the Ang’s who were also back in Penang for a visit and watched Supernatural and Pan’s Labyrinth with this idiot until 4am (our goal was to not sleep at all BUT ALAS). Obligatory creepy last photo of blog post. photo IMG_0423es.jpg



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