Tze Hoong and the one with blossoms

 photo IMG_0357e.jpg

 photo IMG_0334e.jpg

 photo IMG_0336e.jpg

 photo IMG_0354e-2.jpg

 photo IMG_0356e.jpg

 photo IMG_0366e.jpg

 photo IMG_0371e.jpg

 photo IMG_0368e.jpg

 photo IMG_0373e.jpg

 photo IMG_0331e.jpg

I knew I had to photograph this overflowing blossom tree when I saw it bursting with all da blooms in their garden in Penang and include it in my 365. I had a quickie mini shoot with Tze Hoong right before they left for the PSY concert.

This was fun (I’m easing into the comfort of photographing people), 3 years ago I would’t have the guts to ask someone to pose for me outside their house with the grownups inside haha.




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