Pizza of Father John

Or more commonly known as Papa John’s Pizza.


Last Friday, walked from Monash to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with this girl who’s leaving for Indonesia soon. Everyone is leaving so fast so suddenly, too soon, I’m going to miss everyone even I don’t meet up with them almost enough. I’ll miss the way Andrea and I think same things and mutter same conclusions together and point our fingers then laugh at each other when we both say the same thing at the same time which happens more often than you’d think.

P.S, notice anything different about Andrea? ^ ANYTHING? ;D


Sexy pizza is sexy also very gooooood




Yee Theng! Dahlink blur Yee Theng.




Well. She was cartwheeling.


The only one drink I ever order from Chatime is Lychee Yakult QQ, sans pearls, after recommendation by Yee Teng. (Another friend call Yee Teng! YES I SPELT YOUR NAME CORRECTLY THIS TIME YEE TENG HAHA)IMG_1390


The company did me so much good. If I was a sim, my social mood bar would be increasing happily towards the green point. I lack social time in university, I’m a whole ball of shrouded cloud keeping to myself unless I’m talked to, and even that doesn’t last long because people I talk to don’t seem to click with me. Fussy chooser? Maybe, but try as I might I can’t get comfortable around people in a short time unless we just click (like most of my friends, we clicked at first sight haha, I have a very apt description for this). Think of me as a reactant, and another person as a reactant. We have to collide in the right orientation with enough energy to become a product, AND THERE’S NO CATALYST. SO, NO. OHMYGOD DAPHNE WHY ARE YOU CHEMISTRYING YOUR FRIEND-MAKING LIFE.

So you can imagine my delight & excitement when I have two pals to catch up with too many things too many things to say too many even when I stumble jump from one topic to another it’s aok because we can get back to the previous topic without seeming rude at all and throw around insults and I don’t need to step so carefully like I do in uni judging myself judging everything I do hoh god.

Late midnight blogpost, signing off.


4 thoughts on “Pizza of Father John

    1. AWH YOU GUISE. Remember my shock when I recognized but didn’t recognize you. Not sure if I should directly say what is actually different hahaha you might wanna let people realize themselves.


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