Kristine at Yee Sim’s hilltop house!

New blog layout = new width display = larger wider more pleasing to the eye (my eyes) viewing! Yes. I can’t believe I used to use a 480px width display layout. Ugh. What is there to see in 480px e_e I used to upload my photos in such stingy small file sizes, now I’m all full blown 800px width :)

If you’re wondering about the title, it’s a mixture of fluffy + ferns + leaves. Or it can just be fleas + learn. Really really lazy to come up with a title for deviantART submission these days.


2 thoughts on “flearns.

  1. Hey Daphne, I recognise your blog name from Tumblr haha! Nice to see you here. Beautiful blog you have girl! Keep it up! (By the way, I’m from Singapore, so not so far from you! And I’ll be going to Malaysia this summer probably. Cool!)

    1. Hi Kylie :D
      Oh I thought you’re from Hawaii, judging from a few previous blog posts. And then realised you’re from Singapore (which is equally great because it’s near M’sia)
      Thanks for the compliment, coming from you it’s something, really :)


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