A Day of SPCA

Little brother and his troop of friends wanted to do their civic project at SPCA at Ampang, so I tagged along as a photographer and apparently as a supervising adult (snigger me, as a supervising adult).

First friendly one out to greet us

If anyone is an adult superviser it’s this lady. Weelll most of the things we did didn’t require much supervising, really.

They look so alike! One with a pale nose and one with a pink nose.

There’s no need for gloves, really

If you crouch down and start petting one dog, the others will come and crowd over and soon you’re in surrounded by dogs pushing their noses into your hand wanting to be petted. I can’t help feeling they need so much love argh

Dog flap. Imagine hundreds of dogs running out from underneath like a scene from 101 dalmatians.

A man and a girl were looking around, probably to adopt.

The three hostile cats. It’s almost comical, but so deadly if they weren’t in a cage.

positively vampiric this one



bright eyes bright eyes

Unfortunate face of Daphne

I was afraid I’d drop it, the frail weak thin body, I could even feel its twig-thin bones!

Me & dogs:

So what we did was: Lick stamps, stuck them on envelopes, played with the dogs, fed tidbits to the dogs, brief washing of their runaround area, visited the cats, held two kittens. That was pretty much our day at SPCA. They only let us handle the tame ones that roam freely outside of their cages, but they had a lot more dogs (maybe a bit not tame) that were separated. All the mewls and meows and barks and their sad sad eyes, enough to make someone want to come back.


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