The Yellow Wall is Yellow No Longer

Before we discuss the yellow wall, I have something really good to recommend to y’all.

Check out this Malaysian based online printing website! (And before you ask, NO they’re not paying me to do this recommendation, just thought I’d share cause they’re good) eoe online allows you to upload your photos and they do the printing, packaging, shipping etc etc for you, all under 3 working days maximum. As it was in my case, I sent in my order 2 days before and received my packet of 169 4R images yesterday. ONE DAY. Also the price for a 4R print is ridiculously cheap (at least that’s the cheapest I know). Great customer service, prompt replies to my emails no matter how confusing I sound.

In a nutshell:

  • Cheap (for 4R prints)
  • Efficient (straight to your doorstep, don’t need to waste your petrol traipsing around town to drop off & pick up orders)
  • QUICK (very.)
  • Customer service yes.
  • I’ll let you decide

The only slight complain I have about online printing services is that sometimes the colours can come out inaccurate. Then again, my monitor’s screen is at least 7 years old and might not be the best.

^ So these here are captured on film, scanned with film scanner, printed out digitally, then captured digitally. Think of the image res loss hahah

^ They’re a LOT MORE than they look. 169.

I was doing a time lapse video with the yellow wall being covered up but the silly camera decide to run out of battery without giving me any prior warning -_______- So I have nothing to show for it.

Here’s me looking like a pokemon. (Wild Daphne has appeared!)


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