for the light

red bubbles

Grandma & Papa


Shower Face Leo



boys changing



Where the lost things are.

tea parties

Hui Mei

Classically Best Ice Cream


Just a short compilation of film photos from my last roll and a few mixed in.

Film photographs for me are snapshots of  daily life, friends, feet, trying-to-finish-36-exposures shots, light leaks and a crazy lot of double exposures because I love them. You have to carefully compose your shot and be quick about it, and with that you get one snap. That one snap you treasure all the more.

I feel like untitled-ing everything. Haha.


2 thoughts on “untitled

  1. I admire this set, Daphne!
    It’s so delicate, inspiring, and randomly imperfect.
    My favorite is the hand silhouette on the window with the dried flower bouquet double exposure, the second picture from the top. Very, very inspiring.
    The tones are very wonderful.


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