Leo meets Jazz

Sara (neighbour behind) introduced us to an ad online about a female Chow Chow wanting – how do I put this bluntly – stud services. Leo met the requirements, so both owners had a little chit chat and decided to let them meet for the first time! And naturally I needed to document this whole meeting ;)

Extra pair of hands grooming Leo, polishing his teeth, not that it helped much.

Leo being shy and all amidst so many strangers and dogs.

Jazz! ^ She looks so much like Leo it’s uncanny, we even speculated about her being Leo’s sister… In the ad photo she looks like a freaking lioness. That’s what we call a lioness because her whole lower body was shaved even her tail has a little poof like a lioness!

^ Sweetest photo ever :’) I wish I captured more of Jazz’s face though.

^ There was a lot of butt sniffing, tail chasing (literally chasing tails HAHA), “getting to know each other” like dogs do in their way. I’ll just say one thing: Jazz is aggressive. Or maybe it’s just Leo innocent. See Leo all wet behind the ears by her kisses ^ ahahhahah

Then we have the tragic love story of Spencer. Spencer is the male Siberian Husky who lives in the cage beside Jazz. Romanticizing the situation somewhat, Spencer lived with Jazz and the other dogs (yes they have other dogs wait till you see em) for a year but they’re never allowed to “get together” because the owners don’t want a mix of breeds. Then Leo comes along and everyone’s happy and blahblahblah but Spencer was sort of whining a bit in his cage… I don’t know. Romanticizing the situation like I said.

^ Awwwwwww look at them three

^ He had to lean close to hear this little toy’s bark. Or mewl. HAHHA.

Here HERE we have Mayo! The husky at the back. Those blue blue blue blue ice eyes wowza. So so beautiful *___*

“When you’re not looking I’m gonna eat chu up” 

5 year old poodle, name which I forgot to ask. Twitchy little thing, like all small dogs are.

Jazz sits… funnily! Her legs just streeetch out behind her like that. Different dog different style. Also I’m sure by now you’re a bit confused which is Jazz and which is Leo!

^ Leo whispering sweet nothings into Jazz’s ear ;)



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