Bl-bl-bye hair


This hair? I dip-dye bleached my hair (again, yes, hair killer yes that’s me) expecting ombre blonde tips, not hot fire red tips. These were like ones I had since June last, only much much more vibrant. I had this ^ hair for less than 24 hours before my mind had an idea, and you know how ideas form around me: once I catch hold of it I don’t let it go.


Once I started to snip a lock of hair I couldn’t stop it was like someone else controlling my hand and snip snip snip. snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip. Hair falls. Lay it neatly down. Snipsnipsnipsnipsnip. It doesn’t even feel real, it feels like you’re not cutting your hair, it feels like you’re trimming a wig! It feels free, I feel free. You know how some people go from long hair to short that kind of freeee feeling


Nah I didn’t cut the whole head of hair myself. Mum thought it looked very unprofessional looking (she’s probably right) so off to the hairdresser she whisked me before I finished my “during” job.

I don’t know what kind of crop is this supposed to be – boy crop? Pixie crop? Bob? I don’t know but I love it :) No need to wrap my head in a large turban after shower anymore, no need to blow dry my hair, no need to be so gentle with dyed/bleached hair (because I have none, save for the little patch there). The hairdresser did a fab job on finishing (cough maybe rescue would be a more appropriate word) the hair up for me. Mum was rather disapproving on my short crop of hair, “我觉得长比较好看”. But why? … I’m not too bothered by the fact that she doesn’t like it, just… why? It’s just hair. I dunno.

Anyhow I got the satisfaction of cutting my own hair. And I really can’t agree more that if you want a change of short hair, go to a hairdresser! :embarrassed: You can laugh at my attempt at self-hair-cutting, go ahead, I had a good laugh myself XD Oh and the hairdresser too. HAH


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